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Selected Interviews & Conference Talks

Here’s a curated collection of conversations and presentations where I’ve shared insights and experiences across various topics, including Cloud Computing, DevOps, Kubernetes, and more

AWS re:Inforce 2024 – Bridging runtime and build time intelligence to reduce friction (NIS303-S) – 6/12/24

Kubernetes for Humans Podcast with Joshua Burgin (VMWare) – 1/9/24

The Future Of Cloud-Native And Modern Application Development: 25 Years Of Perspective – 12/15/22


VMware Tanzu Helps Solve The Kubernetes Complexity Problem and Boost Developer Productivity – 9/21/22


Joshua Burgin, AWS | AWS EC2 Day 2021 – 8/24/21


Podcast: AWS Outpost Engineering with Joshua Burgin – 6/1/21

Joshua Burgin, AWS Outposts & Michael Sotnick, Pure Storage – 5/17/21


Joshua Burgin | AWS re:Invent 2020 – 12/14/20


AWS re:Invent 2018: Better, Faster, Cheaper Cost Optimizing Compute with Amazon EC2 Fleet (CMP201) – 11/29/18