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About Joshua Burgin

Joshua Burgin is a seasoned product and technology executive with a track record of building profitable businesses and high-performance teams in both startups and established companies. He specializes in growing diverse, mission-driven organizations who ship technology products that delight customers & deliver business results.

Currently, as the Chief Product Officer at Upwind Security, he drives product development efforts, focusing on simplifying cloud-native security for customers who use Upwind’s Cloud Security Platform. Upwind not only bridges intelligence from runtime to build-time but also enhances collaboration among developers, security engineers, and DevOps teams, guaranteeing comprehensive cloud security precisely when and where it’s most critical.

Previously, as the VP of Product & Strategy for VMware’s multi-billion-dollar Product & Cloud Services business, he led initiatives in customer experience, software engineering consistency, onboarding, lifecycle management, devops, and security. Joshua also collaborated with the CEO, COO, CTO, and the senior leadership team to address operational, strategic, and corporate integration challenges.

Prior to joining VMWare in 2022, he spent nearly 8 years at AWS in a variety of executive roles, most recently as the General Manager for the AWS Outposts business, responsible for engineering, product management, design, marketing and business development. Before Outposts, Joshua worked as Chief of Staff & Technical Advisor to AWS’s most senior executives – Charlie Bell and Andy Jassy – tracking key industry trends, formulating strategy, and developing in-depth solutions to business & technical challenges. From 2014-2019, Joshua was a Director/General Manager in Compute Services, where he was responsible for multiple lines of business, including EC2 Spot, Reserved Instances/Savings Plans, Auto Scaling and Private Pricing. During this time, he sponsored and led the successful acquisitions of ClusterK, Thinkbox & Nimble Collective – playing a pivotal role in driving the post-acquisition integration, launch and growth of new AWS services based on the acquired companies’ technology.

From 2000-2014, he held product and technology executive roles at several startups, including Zynga, where he drove the development of their in-game advertising platform, increasing Ad revenue from under $5M to $150M/year, a 600% increase in under 3 years.

Joshua Burgin giving a keynote presentation at the AWS Summit in Toronto, Ontario Canada in October of 2019

Joshua began his career in 1997 as one of Amazon’s first 100 employees, one of Amazon’s first 100 employees, working as a software engineer when the company only sold books online, and the entire staff fit on a single floor of an office building. He is a named inventor on over 20 patents and is in high demand by the media, often invited as a keynote speaker at global conferences focused on innovation, DevOps, and cloud computing. In his spare time, he advises several early-stage startups and occasionally shares thoughts and insights via his Substack.

Outside of the office, Joshua enjoys exploring new cuisines and traveling around the world with his wife and two children. At home, their household is a lively one, bustling with the antics of their beloved dog and cat.